Soap Drawing Step by Step & Coloring Page

Hello everyone, How are you today? today I will share a soap drawing tutorial, this tutorial is very easy and only has 5 steps, let’s get started

The first step is to draw a rectangular shape with curved corners. this is an important step, make this shape as good as possible

how to draw soap

the next step will be very easy, because we will imitate one of the sides of the rectangle earlier

drawing soap easy

draw one more line like the second step, but this time the corners have deep curves

very easy isn’t it?, in this step we will draw another rectangle in the middle of it. let’s start making it

soap drawing

for this step you may not follow it, because in this step we will write “SOAP” in the middle

if you follow this tutorial well then you will succeed in drawing soap

See you again in the next tutorial, download the soap coloring page below this article, and watch soap drawing video on our youtube.

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