wood log

How to Draw Wood Log Easy Tutorial

Hello everyone, today I will share a tutorial on how to draw wood log. follow the steps carefully, let’s start today’s tutorial

the first step in drawing an oval like below

after drawing an oval, the next step is to draw a half oval

how to draw wood log

then next we will connect the half oval with the oval

we will also make it above, but for the top we will make it have a distance

how to draw a log of wood

then in the distance that we made earlier, above it you have to draw an oval shape too

after that draw two lines like this

the shape is ready, now it’s time to draw the wood grain

to draw wood grain is very easy, you just need to make lines like in the example below

how to draw a wood log

we have successfully drawn a wood log, your drawing looks good

okay, today’s tutorial is finished, you can see the video for drawing wood log on our youtube, Download the coloring page below here. see you in the next tutorial

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