How to Draw Turmeric

Hello everyone meet again with Nifty Toy Art, Today’s tutorial is How to Draw a Turmeric.
Turmeric is a spice commonly used in cooking in Asian countries. Turmeric is often used as a spice in a type of curry, and is also used to give a yellow color to dishes, or as a food preservative.
And now do you want to draw Turmeric ? come on, I’ll teach you a drawing a turmeric step by step.

The first step to drawing turmeric is to make a basic line, let’s make the basic line from the bottom up or vice versa, let’s make it according to this example.

how? it’s easy, right? let’s go to the next step.
the second step is to make a curved line again connected from top to bottom. follow the red line, okay!

the third step is to make the last curved line.
let’s follow the example below.

it’s very easy to make curved lines right?
Okay now is the fourth step, now you have to connect the line, from the last curve to the starting line, like in the following example.

drawing turmeric

wow great, you’ve succeeded in making a basic image of turmeric, let’s perfect it!

The fifth step, is to make lines in the four curved draw that you made so that the turmeric looks voluminous. let’s draw according to the example
come on Let’s make one by one,

how to draw turmeric very easy

How? See, you can do it? I’m sure you can draw it! let’s proceed to the next step.
The sixth step is to make four circle images on the turmeric stems.

draw turmeric is easy

Wow, the turmeric picture is starting to look good. let’s beautify.
The seventh step is to make 3 lines on the turmeric stem, long lines, medium lines, and short lines.

draw a turmeric

Okay the line on the first stem has worked. let’s draw a line on the second stem, follow the example of the red line below!

How to draw turmeric easy

the turmeric drawing is getting better.
let’s take an example of that red line, okay? You can make fiber lines wherever you like.

How to draw a turmeric

yeiy, you can you can finish drawing turmeric. it’s so easy to make a draw of turmeric, right?
I’m proud of you. your picture must be good.

How to draw turmeric

drawing is easy and fun right? now you can make the turmeric prettier by coloring it. If you are confused about the color, you can see on our youtube chanel.

see you in the next tutorial, don’t forget to visit our youtube chanel

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