sushi nigiri

How to Draw Sushi Easy Step by Step

Hello everyone today i will share a tutorial how to draw sushi. There are many types of sushi, the one we drew is sushi nigiri. Let’s get started

first we will draw the rice first, for nigiri sushi the rice is shaped like a block

in this second step is still drawing rice, follow each step

how to draw sushi

the rice shape is done, now it’s time to draw the salmon. you can also draw meat

draw a line like this

how to draw sushi easy

I added the salmon tail

we have succeeded in drawing it, but I think something’s missing. I’ll add some details, let’s draw lines like this on the rice

how to draw sushi step by step

then for the salmon, let’s make a line like this

You should also draw this line, don’t miss it

we’re really done, What do you think? is it very easy?

Today’s tutorial is finished, don’t forget to download the coloring page below. You can also watch the video on our YouTube channel. see you tomorrow

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