rain cloud drawing step by step

How to Draw Rain Cloud – Rainy Season Drawing Easy

is it rainy season in your country? I’m asking like this because today we are going to learn to draw about the rainy season. let’s start the tutorial how to draw rain cloud

Today’s tutorial will probably be easy because we’re just drawing a crying cloud, draw a shape like this

and after that we will draw below from the first one

how to draw rain cloud

after that we add the right and left parts

how to draw rain cloud easy
how to draw rainy season

we have successfully drawn the cloud, now is the time for us to draw a crying expression on the cloud, we draw the eyes first

rainy season drawing

after that we have to draw his nose and tears

rain cloud drawing easy

if you have, now add pouty eyebrows and lips

rain cloud drawing tutorial

the crying expression is finished, the final step in drawing falling water

and finally you guys really finished drawing rain clouds, these clouds look cute

Today’s tutorial is finished, don’t forget to download the coloring page below and subscribe to the Nifty Youtube Channel

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