How to Draw Knuckless from Sonic Step by Step

Hello everyone, today we will learn to draw one of the characters from the sonic movie. Do you know knuckless? today we will draw it, let’s start the tutorial how to draw knuckless.

let’s start this tutorial by drawing a shape like this

then you have to draw the same shape as before, draw on the left side

how to draw knuckless

You must be asking what picture is this? we are currently drawing knuckless hair

you will keep drawing the same shape, i hope you keep following it

how to draw knuckless step by step

draw similar shapes in the following places

draw a curved line like this, this line will be the top of his head

the hair part is done, now it’s time for us to draw the mouth, draw a shape like this

after that, draw her mouth with a smiling expression. Don’t forget to also draw the little nose

how to draw knuckless from sonic

the next step is to draw the eyes, let’s do it

what do you think about this tutorial? is it very easy?

draw knuckless

for the final touch, draw a shape like this

you have finished the tutorial how to draw knuckless very well. you should be proud of yourself

Today’s tutorial is finished, don’t forget to visit the Nifty Toy Art Youtube Channel. see you in the next tutorial

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