How to Draw Fireworks Easy

Hello everyone, I haven’t shared a drawing tutorial in a long time. today I will share a tutorial how to draw fireworks, let’s start the tutorial

to draw fireworks, you should immediately use colored pencils. the first step, make 3 curved lines like this with a blue pencil

how to draw fireworks

drawing firework is very easy, you just draw curved lines

but you have to pay attention to the shape of the splash, make a line of curved lines with a splash shape like this

how to draw firework easy

now it’s time to replace the colored pencils with a darker blue. then we continue drawing splats again

we will overwrite the first spark earlier

Draw firework easy

You may already be used to drawing it

let’s cheer up, you’ll finish it soon. now for the final step, draw a line like this.

You have successfully drawn fireworks, but are you satisfied with only drawing one firework?

how to draw firework digital

let’s draw one more fireworks, replace colored pencils with yellow pencils

the steps are still the same as the first, you remember right?

replace your colored pencils with red pencils, and do the same steps as before

fireworks drawing

You have successfully drawn two fireworks. if it’s still not enough, you can draw in other colors

You can find video tutorials on our youtube channel

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