How to Draw Cabinet Step by Step Easy

Hello everyone, today I will give a tutorial on how to draw a cabinet. This tutorial will be very easy, are you guys ready? let’s just start today’s tutorial

the first step you have to do is draw a rectangle

after that make a line with a shape like this, I don’t know what shape it is

how to draw a cabinet

after that make the same shape as before, but this time it is located at the bottom

the next step is to draw the legs of the cabinet

how to draw a cabinet easy

The overall shape of the cabinet is ready, now it’s time to draw the shelves. to draw a shelf is very easy, you have to draw some rectangles like below

repeat the steps, repeat the steps, so we have four shelves

how to draw a cabinet step by step

You have successfully completed this drawing tutorial very well.

Don’t forget to watch this drawing video on our YouTube, and download the coloring page here. see you in the next article

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