How to Draw a Tank Easy – Tank Coloring Page

Hello everyone how are you? today I will share a tutorial on how to draw a tank. a tank is a fighting vehicle used by soldiers to maintain peace. let’s start drawing today

first of all, we will create a shape like this.

how to draw a tank

draw some additional shapes like this. you must be confused about what part this is, look at the third step you will know

The tank we drew is already visible

how to draw a tank easy

the top of the tank is finished, now it’s time to draw the bottom

drawing tank soldier

connect the top and bottom with a line like this

then we will make a trapezoid shape

this is the last part we will draw, let’s draw the wheel of the tank

how to draw tank step by step

add a small circle at each end

and the last one is to draw a circle circle like this

today you have succeeded in drawing a tank, what do you think?

Today’s drawing tutorial is finished, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, see you tomorrow

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