How to Draw a Roblox Character – Builderman

Hello friends, how are you? today’s tutorial is how to draw a roblox character. what we draw today is a builderman character, are you ready to start the tutorial? let’s start drawing

Step 1 – How to Draw a Roblox Character

in the first step we will draw the head, the head of this roblox character has a square shape

Step 2 – Drawing Safety Helmet

the second step we will draw a safety helmet, make a small square at the end of the head

Step 3 – Drawing Safety Helmet

then draw a curved line and make a square shape in the middle, we have finished drawing the head and safety helmet

Step 4 – Drawing Builderman Face

in this step we will draw her facial expression, draw two ovals as eyes and a curved line as mouth, we have finished the head

Step 5

now we will draw the shirt, you have to draw a shape like this

Step 6

after drawing the shirt, then at the bottom of the shirt we add 2 horizontal lines

Step 7

we will draw a zipper in the middle of the shirt

Step 8

and don’t forget to draw the pocket

Step 9

after that, we have to draw the arm

Step 10

at the bottom of the arm we will draw the palm

Step 11 – Drawing Roblox Feet

We have finished drawing the upper body, now it’s time to make the pants, Let’s draw the left leg first

Step 12 – Drawing Roblox Feet

if the left leg has been drawn, now is the time to draw the right leg

Step 13 – Drawing Roblox Shoes

the last step is to draw the shoes

Congratulations, you have finished drawing builderman very well, Don’t forget to color your picture

for nifty friends who want to download this Roblox image, you can click the button below, And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Chanel. See you in the next tutorial, goodbye.

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