How to Draw a Helicopter Step by Step

Hi everyone, today we will learn to draw a type of air vehicle. the vehicle is a helicopter, let’s start the tutorial

because this is the first image I made, maybe this tutorial will be a little weird. let’s start the first step by drawing like this

after that the second step make a shape like this

how to draw helicopter

we will draw the border of the helicopter body

how to draw helicopter for kids

at the bottom, add a horizontal line

the helicopter body is finished, now we will draw the windows and doors

in step six, we will make the helicopter legs that are used for landing

how to draw helicopter step by step

the part that we haven’t drawn is the propeller, let’s draw the main propeller first

we will make four big propellers

and lastly we will draw the rear wing and the propeller

we have succeeded in drawing a helicopter, don’t forget to always practice drawing every day

You can download the helicopter coloring page by pressing the download button below, see you in the next tutorial. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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