How to Draw a Christmas Stocking Easy

Hello everyone meet again with Nifty Toy Art, I’m sorry for not making a drawing tutorial in the near future. Today’s tutorial is How to Draw a Christmas Stocking, lets let’s start drawing

the first step is to draw a line like this, of course you won’t have any trouble

Are you curious about the next steps?

next step we will draw some kind of gift, we start with gifts like these

Draw a Christmas Stocking

The first type of prize is finished, now let’s draw the second prize

let’s draw the last gift, you must be familiar with this shape

How to draw a christmas stocking

You have done all the gift drawing, now it’s time to draw the socks

let’s start with the first step to draw socks

make a shape like this, if you have completed this step. the image of the socks will be clearly visible

how to draw christmas stuff easy

I don’t want plain socks, I’m going to draw a pattern

Come on, you have to draw it

How to draw a christmas stock

the motive that I made is relatively easy, you can do it

Art for kids hub, Christmas

this is the last motif, the shape is just a circle

you have finished tutorial how to draw a christmas stocking, How do you feel?? I really appreciate your efforts.

see you in the next tutorial, don’t forget to visit our youtube channel.

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