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How to Draw a Birthday Cake – Birthday Cake Coloring Page

who’s birthday is today? today I will share a birthday cake drawing tutorial, let’s start the tutorial how to draw a birthday cake.

we are going to make a birthday cake with three stacks, let’s make the first stack

Next we will draw the cake cream which is located at the top

and the last one is to draw the layer of the cake

The birthday cake is ready, for the next process you only need to repeat these three steps, there is no special number of stacks, you can make the cake as high as you want

birthday cake drawing step by step
birthday cake drawing easy
how to draw birthday cake
how to draw cake

The last step you can’t miss is to draw a candle at the very top of the cake

Today’s How to Draw a Birthday Cake tutorial is over, are you happy? Don’t forget to blow out the candles

See you in the next tutorial, don’t forget to always watch our drawing videos on YouTube. and make sure you have downloaded this cake image

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