How to Draw a Betta Fish Step by Step

Hello everyone meet again with Nifty Toy Art, Today’s tutorial is How to Draw a betta fish.
Do you know about betta fish? Betta fish are cute fish and have beautiful colors on their fins. Betta fish is cute but very aggressive when they meet their enemies. And now do you want to draw betta fish ? come on, I’ll teach you a drawing a betta fish step by step.

the first, you can draw a line like the example below, lets draw slowly.

very easy right for the first step? let’s proceed to the second step.

second step is to draw the mouth and head of the fish.

did it work for the second step? very easy right? let’s go to step three.

The third step you have to draw the lower body of the fish. let’s follow the picture below, draw a line from the fish head to the tail.

Wow you are great, the body of the betta fish has been formed, let’s continue the next step.

the fourth step is to make fish eyes.

It’s very easy to make fish eyes right? now the face of the fish already looks beautiful.

the fifth step is to make fish fins, let’s follow the example image below.

how to draw a beautiful fish

Wow, the first fin has been drawn, let’s make the second fin.

The sixth step is to make the second fin, the second fin is under the body of the fish like this.

how to draw a beautiful betta fish

how ? easy to make the second fin? let’s make the third fin.

The seventh step is to make the third fin, the third fin is also under the body of the fish.

Drawing a fish

The eighth step is to make the fourth fin, which is the large fin under the fish’s body, let’s make two lines like the example below.

how to draw a fish

The ninth step is to perfect the big fin by drawing a line from the small line to the long line.

draw a betta fish

Wow the betta fish fins already look beautiful. let’s make the betty fish more beautiful.

The tenth step is to make the big fin again, the big fin is above the fish’s body, let’s draw a line like the following example.

How to draw a cute betta fish

The eleventh step is to connect the long line with the short line down. And then make a small line also on the body of the fish, let’s draw and follow the example.

drawing a betta fish easy

wow you are great, all the fins look beautiful, let’s draw the tail. The twelfth step is to draw a betta fish tail, let’s make a line up and down like the example.

how to draw betta fish easy

you almost finished drawing betta fish, let’s finish this drawing.

the thirteenth step is to make curved lines for the betta fish tail.

drawing a betta fish

Okay are great, this is the last step. let’s make the betta fish even prettier by making lines on the fins and tail.

How to draw a betta fish step by step

Congrats, you’ve finished your drawing well, I’m proud of you. you can follow the steps to draw betta fish. your picture must be good.

how to draw betta fish very easy

drawing is easy and fun right? now you can make the belly fish prettier by coloring it.

see you in the next tutorial, don’t forget to visit our youtube chanel

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